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Inspired as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, ONE HEALTH - Health Centre will now be providing Tele-Health consultations for those who are required to self-isolate, or for anyone who simply wants to reduce their social-interaction risk.

Psychology Counselling, Port Macquarie Osteopath and Physiotherapy provide Tele-Health. A convenient and effective web-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

What is Tele-Health?

Tele-Health is consultation conducted on a one-on-one basis between our practitioner and yourself via video-conferencing.

Doesn't Osteopathy & Physiotherapy require hands-on treatment?

In most cases, yes, however there are many aspects of our Osteopathy & Physiotherapy consultations where hands-on treatment is not strictly necessary. We can provide valuable advice via video-conferencing and we are able to discuss your issue, see your area of aggravation, instruct you in conducting range of motion testing to gain valuable feedback of your issue, just like we would in-clinic. Then we can instruct you in ways to help settle your issue and then to instruct and demonstrate to you certain mobility and flexibility  exercises as necessary for your specific issue.

Many people who are in acute or chronic physical pain simply require a professional to consult with to re-assure them and provide a consultation to start the process to recovery. This can usually be done without face-to-face consultation. Conducting a video consultation can also enable our practitioners to detect any issues that may require referral​ and instruct you in what to and what not to do.

Tele-Health consultations are ideal for Psychology services

Rebecca Gittins, Psychologist, is offering telehealth counselling sessions through video-link and telephone modalities.

Clients who have a valid Mental Health Care Plan from their GP may access this service (up to ten sessions) at no cost to themselves. This service is available until 30th September 2020. Clients without a Mental Health Care Plan can also access telehealth counselling services for a fee.

Contact Rebecca by phone on 0491 708 505 or via email to arrange a telehealth consultation.  

What do you need?

A phone line - this may be all that is required for basic advice

A reliable internet connection,

A mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC with reliable web cam and microphone,

A private space that upholds confidentiality, privacy and non-disclosure during the Tele-Health consultation. This private space should be within your residence or room with enough space to perform floor or standing exercises with ease (if necessary, for assessment and treatment purposes) without posing a safety risk for yourself or compounding any risk of re/injury.

Enough visibility in the room for the camera to see your whole body when necessary.

You should be wearing clothing and underwear that is appropriate for our professional to see the area of your body that is aggravated (if necessary).

If possible, a floor mat, pillow, bath towels (2) at hand (if required).

we will send you a link to a secure video connection service linked with our practitioners

You must be prepared to:

Provide all details of your medical health history, GP details, medicare number at the beginning of your consultation.

We may need you to send us or provide details for us to obtain any investigations (x-rays, CT's, MRI's, Ultrasounds) if necessary (sometimes prior to your consultation).

Will the consultation be recorded?

No. Our clinic-based consultations are not recorded, so our Tele-Health consultations will not be recorded and must not be recorded by yourself either for privacy reasons. Our practitioners will take detailed notes of your consultation and record them on our system in conjunction with Australia's medical privacy requirements. You must read and agree to our terms and conditions prior to your consultation.

Can my child have a consultation if required?

Yes. In the same manner as an in-clinic consultation, we can consult your child via Tele-Health in the same manner. Our clinic policy is that a parent or legal guardian be present throughout the consultation if the person is under the age of 18 years of age.

Will Tele-Health consultations be available to Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) programme consultations?

Osteopathy Australia & The Australian Physiotherapy Association are currently in discussion with Medicare to hopefully fast track this service - we'll keep you posted

Will Tele-Health consultations be available to work cover consultations?

Yes. Osteopathy Australia & The Australian Physiotherapy Association arranged this with NSW SIRA.

Can I claim via my private health insurer?

At this stage, some health insurers are providing cover for this service, but you should check with your provider.  If they will, we will charge you the consultation fee upon your booking and provide you with a receipt where you can claim your rebate directly from your fund.


How much do  Tele-Health consultations cost?

Costs are the same as our current in-clinic consultations. These prices vary, so check with your practitioner when you begin or call our clinic for further information.

How and when do I pay?

It's simple. We have created an easy payment method when you book online.

If we book an appointment with you over the phone or in-clinic, we will take your payment then via eftpos or telephone banking.

We believe that if you can clearly understand what is happening in your body with regard to your injury or issue and therefore clearly understand how we endevour to help deal with it, then you are far better off in assisting us with getting you back to full health. This can be achieved through Tele-Health.

Health care is what we believe to be a two-way process.  We aim to educate you fully in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan and management of your issue and are encourage you to continue to ask us to clarify anything at any time so you may understand more.  This way we can be co-operative with you and your health.


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