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At ONE HEALTH - Health Centre, we use HICAPS to process health fund claims.




HICAPS is recognised by 98% of Australian health funds.

About us:

Matt Hempsell returned to Australia in 2010 with his family with a vision to create a health care centre with a difference. But the vision started growing way before in 2002, with years of working in a variety of different types of health care centres throughout the UK.

There are many multi-disciplinary health centers around the world, and Matt has experienced many different types.  What he saw was that most clinics had a number of various health professionals all working under the same roof and inter-referring their patients, but not really 'working together' for the co-operative benefit to the client.

Matt's goal is to establish is an 'open-clinic' policy among our health professionals where we can all work together for the combined good of our clients, communicating regularly to prescribe the best and most effective treatment to benefit you in every way possible.

Our mission is to provide the utmost enthusiastic, dedicated professional health care service in order to improve people's lives in every way possible.  We do this by working together with you, considering all aspects of health; body, mind and spirit.

As a health care centre, we are passionate about what we do and use that passion to strive to return people to full and active health as quickly as possible.  To do this, we are developing a team of dedicated health professionals who want to work with you to obtain the best possible outcomes for your health.


We also have close relationships with many of the Hastings regions' doctors, surgeons and specialists and other allied health professionals if we need to seek their expertise in order to provide the best possible results for you.


Meet the Team


What we do to provide you with the best possible care:

In conjunction with professional dedicated musculo-skeletal health care services, you are provided with:

  • A summary of your initial consultation with us, outlining details of your presenting symptoms, our diagnosis, predicted outcomes and our care recommendations.

  • Where necessary, we communicate with our clinic team to work out the most effective approach for your situation.

  • We provide documented feedback to each referring doctor or specialist after your initial consultation.  We summarise your treatment options and any additional information found during your inital assessment with us.

  • We provide each referring doctor or specialist  a progress letter throughout your treatment process (if necessary) outlining progress reports, outcomes and any further recommendations for the your ongoing treatment.​​​​​​​​​​

Check out your health fund below and click on the logo to be transferred directly to their website

McLaren Clinic History (the building we are located in)

Born in Port Macquarie and graduating in Medicine at Sydney University, Nicol McLaren was the first doctor to return to the town of his birth and establish a medical practice that would serve the community for over half a century.


“Port Macquarie has been a better place because through this world has passed a man who with unflinching faith and courage, has dedicated himself to serve those around him.”


McLaren Clinic now hosts ONE HEALTH - Health Centre, Mike Foy Physiotherpy, Sunshine Art Therapy and Rebecca Gittens Psychology who are still dedicated to serving the Port Macquarie community with valuable healthcare, firmly established by Dr McLaren.

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