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ONE HEALTH - Health Centre provides more than just Osteopathy in Port Macquaire; we are also dedicated to education.  To us, educating both you the client, our practitioners and also other professions is of utmost importance.

We believe that if you can clearly understand what is happening in your body with regard to your injury or issue and therefore clearly understand how we endevour to help deal with it, then you are far better off in assisting us with getting you back to full health.


Health care is what we believe to be a two-way process.  We aim to educate you fully in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan and management of your issue and are encourage you to continue to ask us to clarify anything at any time so you may understand more.  This way we can be co-operative with you and your health.

We are also passionate about educating the professionals.

We conduct team-meeting and training times for us as practitioners to get to know the intricacies of how each profession works.  We encourage each practitioner to experience how the others work and we train each other in our own professions.  This way, we gain a more in-depth understanding of how to best benefit you.

We also run continued professional development (CPD) training courses to help educate other professional, both locally and nationally in techniques and new ideas.  This not only helps other professionals, but also consolidates our abilities, which in turn benefits you.


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