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Running Injuries

Running can be a fantastic way to keep fit, but sometimes injuries can creep up on you, and this is where we come in - we'll keep you running at your very best or aid you in getting back on the road after your injury.


At ONE HEALTH we have extensive experience in dealing with running injuries and over the years we have come across a number of common reasons why runners suffer from injuries. So, from painful knees, to patello-femoral pain, runners knee, ITB dysfunction, to swelling and bursitis, we can help.


Firstly, let's take a look at some sensible steps you can take to prevent some of these conditions occurring.


A basic guide to avoiding injury

  • Correct footwear: Make sure the running shoes you have are fitted for you, whether you have high or low arches, and seek advice from specialist running shops. Your footwear will be the first things hitting the floor when you run; it will act as a support to the foot and ankle and help absorb shock.

  • Start your training sensibly: Most pain and injury is caused by doing too much too soon. If you're new to running, then build up the mileage slowly, increase your distance by 10% per week and let your body get use to the new demands you're putting on it.

  • Never train through the pain: It's your body's way of telling you something’s up, addressing issues early is much better than having to take a long lay off.

  • Stretch: It sounds simple enough, but it's something we could all do more of, work on the muscles surrounding the knee joint, make sure you stretch evenly and consistently, and always both legs!

  • Foam rolling: It hurts but it works. Focus on the gluteus medius & minimus muscles (outside of the upper hip, just above the 'hip bone'); if this is tight it can cause tension in the iliotibial band (ITB) which in turn can cause patella mistracking, runner's knee, and several painful conditions that can literally stop you in your tracks.  Contact us for specific details before unergoing any foam rolling activies.


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